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In the Community

Corporate Volunteer Program 

The mission of the MAPFRE Corporate Volunteer Program is a commitment to improve the quality of life in communities and of the environment where our company has a presence.

For a complete look at how our company and its employees have given back to our local communities, download our 2018 Corporate Volunteer Report: 2018 Volunteer Report (PDF, 23.7 MB)


In the Community

In Our Local Communities

At MAPFRE, we understand the importance of working together to accomplish greater goals and recognize how our small acts combined can truly have a positive impact within our local community. The philosophy that great things often start out with one small idea, hope, or dream perfectly captures the essence of the creation and establishment of Corporate Volunteering Program.
In the Community

Across the Globe

Fundación MAPFRE, is a nonprofit organization created by MAPFRE in 1975, the main purpose of which is to help others and improve the living conditions of people in the most disadvantaged social groups. To channel this altruistic spirit the Fundación MAPFRE has collaborated with MAPFRE to develop the Corporate Volunteer program.

Aligning all of our volunteer and community efforts with the following areas: 

The projects developed by the Volunteers Program embrace several lines of action that aim to improve the quality of life for groups at risk of social exclusion. All of the actions are geared toward fulfilling the goals of a specific line of action or campaign.

nutrition-70x70.jpg Nutrition: Providing food for the purpose of fighting hunger and malnutrition through several initiatives, such as food collection campaigns.
health-70x70.jpg Health: Providing support to disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities as well as promoting the donation of blood, organs, bone marrow.
education-70x70.jpg Education: Supporting the education of children through activities intended to strengthen schools and donations of school supplies.
housing-70x70.jpg Housing: Providing aid for the renovation and construction of housing.
environment-70x70.jpg Environment: Participating in environmental care activities such as reforestation, cleaning of woodlands, forests, and beaches as well as carrying out recycling donation campaigns (batteries, mobile phones etc.).
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