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Bishop Ranch 3
2633 Camino Ramon
San Ramon, California 94583

We've been providing personal automobile insurance to California drivers since 1949. Today we offer California, Oregon and Arizona drivers the same important benefits that we have for the last half century.

Policy Inquiry and Service

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Policy Numbers Beginning With Policy Inquiry/Service Claims
CSN, CSP, CSS, or CSV 1-800-396-1485 1-866-351-2548
CCS or CCP 1-888-859-1181 1-888-859-1181
64 or 80 1-877-MAPFRE-1 1-877-MAPFRE-1
Fax: 1-877-324-6077
All others 1-800-244-1545
Fax: 925-734-1789

Contact Us By Email

Claims Contact CWIC Claims via email
Customer Service Contact CWIC Customer Service via email
Underwriting Contact CWIC Underwriting via email
Marketing Contact CWIC Marketing via email

Mail Your Paper Check

Policy Numbers Beginning With  
CSN, CSP, CSS, or CSV Stonewood Insurance Services
Dept. 34113
PO Box 39000
San Francisco, CA 94139
CCS or CCP Clearside General
PO Box 606
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-0606
64 or 80 MAPFRE Insurance Company
PO Box 6004
Gilbert, AZ 85299-6004
All others Commerce West Insurance Company
PO Box 6005
Gilbert, AZ 85299-6005


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