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MAPFRE offers accident forgiveness for a wide range of drivers and experience levels!

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Typically, with Accident Forgiveness, getting into an at-fault accident will not cause your premium to increase.

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Sometimes included in your car insurance policy at a premium or offered as an additional add-on, accident forgiveness is a feature that typically prevents your premium from increasing after a car accident. The first at-fault accident is forgiven and not taken into consideration when the insurer rates a driver’s level of risk in determining premiums for a policy renewal.

How does Accident Forgiveness work?

Typically, when you or someone on your policy gets into an at-fault accident and a claim is made, your premium increases. The amount by which your premium might increase following an at-fault accident depends on a variety of factors including the state you live in, the severity of the accident, and claims made to compensate for costs incurred as a result of the accident.  

Even if you change insurance carriers, your driving history will still usually result in a higher premium when there is a history of claims / accidents on your driving record. For different insurers, Accident Forgiveness can mean different things. Generally, it means your first at-fault accident is forgiven which prevents your premium for increasing in the periods following the incident as long as you keep Accident Forgiveness coverage on your policy.

MAPFRE Insurance Accident Forgiveness

MAPFRE Insurance offers Accident Forgiveness for a wide range of drivers and experience levels. By adding accident forgiveness to your MAPFRE car insurance policy, if you or someone on your policy gets into an at-fault accident, your premium won’t increase because of the incident.

Why choose Accident Forgiveness through MAPFRE Insurance?

  • Inexperienced drivers, new customers and renewing policies are eligible for this protection
  • Accident Forgiveness is locked in at the time of purchase, not at the time of an accident.

MAPFRE Insurance Accident Forgiveness Compared to Other Companies:

MAPFRE Insurance

Drivers with a merit rating between 98-04 are eligibleIf the merit rating changes during the policy term, we’ll still forgive the accidentInexperienced or newer drivers are eligibleNew customers can purchase this protection

Other companies

Primarily available to 98 or 99 drivers onlyIf the merit rating changes during the policy term, accident forgiveness may not apply6+ years of driving experience is usually required to qualifyLoyalty of 5 or more years may be required

Other ways to get value from your car insurance

Although you save when you get into an at-fault accident with Accident Forgiveness, there is a premium charge for the add-on. If you don’t qualify for Accident Forgiveness, there are still ways to get more value out of your car insurance policy. 

Explore all of MAPFRE Insurance’s value programs and discounts and get a quote to see if you could be saving on your Massachusetts auto insurance. If you’re a driver located in another state, talk with an independent agent near you to see what discounts you could qualify for.

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