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Insure your Personal Watercraft or boat with us. 

Packaged coverage is available to include hull and liability. We also offer an enhanced coverage endorsement.

Ask your agent for details.

Our Coverages

  • A variety of deductible options
  • Hull coverage “All Risk”
    Agreed Value limits.
  • Replacement Cost coverage
    On partial loss for outboards and outdrives.
  • Fuel spill protection
    Expense and removal of wreck coverage.
  • Towing Coverage Available
  • Special Coverage

    Re-Powered, Sport Fishing, Bass Boats and Anglers.

  • Trailer and tender coverage available
  • Electronic Equipment Endorsement Available

Endorsement options

Extend your Yacht Insurance coverage with the following endorsement options:

  • Helmsman Endorsement – Depreciation will not be considered when adjusting for losses paid for paint finishes or gel coats.
  • Shipmaster Endorsement – This endorsement increases coverage for medical payments, personal effects, towing, electronics and hurricane haul-out on vessels over $200,000 in hull value.
  • Hurricane Loss Prevention Endorsement – If the National Weather Service issues a hurricane watch or warning for the area where the covered yacht is located, we will pay a portion of the cost you incur to:
    • Have the covered yacht hauled out of the water and then launched in the same general area after the watch or warning has ended.
    • Electronic Equipment Endorsement – This endorsement provides coverage for electronic equipment used for communication, navigation and safety of the insured watercraft.

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