When your vehicle needs repairs after an accident, MAPFRE helps to make your experience quick, easy and stress-free.

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CAR EZ Program – Your Easy Repair Solution

If you are ever in an accident, MAPFRE’s team of experts and highly-rated claims programs will get you back on the road. When accidents happen, you just want to know your insurance company is going to take care of you and help get your car back on the road.  CAR EZ® Shops are local, independent repair shops with a proven track record of providing high-quality expedited services to MAPFRE customers. You can always opt to have your vehicle repaired at any shop of your choice. With the MAPFRE-certified CAR EZ® shops we have selectively partnered with, you will experience priority service as they handle your claim from start to finish. In addition to guaranteed repairs, CAR EZ® shops will manage your claim adjustment for an expedited experience, coordinate your rental car needs if you have rental coverage, and bill MAPFRE directly – no need for you to manage payment to the shop. When you file your claim, ask for a MAPFRE-certified CAR EZ® shop to take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer!

How CAR EZ® Works

When you choose to have your vehicle repaired by a CAR EZ® auto repair shop, you can expect them to:


  • Contact you within 24 hours
  • Arrange to pick up your vehicle
  • Coordinate a rental car if applicable
  • Complete the necessary repairs to your vehicle and guarantee the work for as long as you own the vehicle
  • Keep you fully informed throughout the repair process
  • Perform a thorough cleaning of your vehicle prior to returning it to you
  • Providing exemplary customer service throughout the entire repair process

Your Experience Matters to Us! See what other CAR EZ customers are saying

“Everything went as smoothly as I could have imagined from the beginning to the end of the process.” –Jonathan

“Everything was done quickly and effectively. After the accident occurred, the claim was processed, my car was sent to the auto body shop and a rental was ready within an hour. The repair was completed on time and workmanship was excellent.” –Evelyn

“The experience was absolutely perfect. Professional, friendly, accommodating— my repair was done when they said it would be and all the insurance paperwork was handled efficiently. An absolute stress-free experience.” –Linda

“Had to be file a claim due to an incident that was not my fault, handled promptly, CAR EZ shop was excellent, claim rep was awesome, completely satisfied.” – John

“The CAR EZ program was very convenient to use with the local repair shop.  The entire process was easy, efficient, and professional.” – J.J.

“Fast, courteous service that makes dealing with the unexpected easy.  Their list of CAR EZ and Preferred shops makes arranging repairs through MAPFRE a breeze.” – Cara

“Their CAR EZ program for auto repairs is an excellent way to simplify the process and keep the cost down.” – Mark

“Overall, using MAPFRE and the MAPFRE EZ process made this situation of repairing a vehicle after a crash as easy and convenient as possible. Having to only make one phone call to the MAPFRE customer service representative was so helpful.” – Anonymous

Your Claim Process – The Next Steps

Get your vehicle back on the road by beginning the claims process today or contact your local Independent Agent, then locate a CAR EZ Repair Shop near you.

Frequently Asked Questions about CAR EZ

What happens if the CAR EZ repair shop finds additional damage?

If the CAR EZ shop finds additional damage during the repair process, your shop will contact MAPFRE Insurance. We will arrange to assess the additional damage and write a supplemental appraisal  if necessary.

Does MAPFRE guarantee the quality of the repair of my vehicle?

Absolutely –  along with the lifetime guarantee for the quality and workmanship of your repair, all CAR EZ and Preferred Repair Shops will complete the repairs for the agreed amount including the hourly labor rate charges.  This means no additional cost to you other than any applicable deductible.

What are other options for getting my vehicle repaired?

You can have your repairs completed at any one of the MAPFRE Insurance CAR EZ or Preferred Repair Shops to receive guaranteed repairs at a guaranteed price or you can have the repairs done at any auto repair shop of your choice. If you choose not to have your vehicle repaired however, the damages resulting from the claim will be deducted from any future claims made on your vehicle.

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