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Are you ready to cruise the open roads of Western Massachusetts or head down to Cape Cod for the weekend on your Harley? Hit the road with peace of mind on your motorcycle knowing that you’re fully protected when you take out a policy with MAPFRE Insurance!

Just like car insurance coverage in Massachusetts, compulsory insurance – of which there are four parts – is required to legally operate a motorcycle in the Bay State.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

The four types of compulsory insurance coverage in Massachusetts for operating a motorcycle are:

Massachusetts Required Auto Insurance Coverage Massachusetts Required Minimum Limits
Bodily Injury to Others (Liability) Coverage$20,000 per person
$40,000 per accident
Damage to Someone Else‘s Property (Property Damage) Coverage$5,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage$8,000 maximum per person, per accident
Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto (Uninsured Motorist) Coverage$20,000 per person
$40,000 per accident

Motorcycle Accessory Coverage

Motorcycle insurance with MAPFRE will depend on many factors like the value of your bike, your riding history and where your bike in Massachusetts is garaged. You can expect to pay more if you had a few accidents in the past or drive an older bike that lacks modern safety features or costs more to repair. In terms of geographic location, residents in larger cities like Boston, Worcester or Springfield usually pay more than riders in smaller communities do. Your independent agent can help calculate what your premium might be once you select your coverage options.

    Get a motorcycle insurance quote from a Massachusetts Insurance Agent Near You

    MAPFRE Insurance is proud to partner with local independent insurance agents throughout Massachusetts. You can compare motorcycle insurance rates in Massachusetts and get all of the motorcycle coverage you need at an affordable price by contacting an independent MAPFRE agent today!

    Common Questions about Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance

    How do I get motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts?

    Obtaining motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts with MAPFRE is simple! Simply contact your independent agent and they will go over coverage options with you.

    What does motorcycle insurance cover in Massachusetts?

    When you take motorcycle insurance with MAPFRE, you will be covered by compulsory of which there are four parts: Bodily Injury to Others (Liability), Damage to Someone Else’s Property (Property Damage), Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto (Uninsured Motorist).

    What optional motorcycle coverages are available in Massachusetts?

    Optional motorcycle coverages available for purchase include Collision, Comprehensive and Medical Payments (Med Pay).

    How much is motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts?

    Motorcycle insurance with MAPFRE depends on things like the value of your bike, your riding history and where your bike is garaged. Your independent agent can help calculate what your premium might be once you select your coverage options.

    Are there any discounts for motorcycle insurance?

    MAPFRE offers a number of discounts for motorcycle insurance. If you are a licensed rider that has more than one year of motorcycle experience or if you’ve participated in a motorcycle safety course, you could be eligible for a discount. Other discounts are available if you pay your policy in full, if you have multi-policies with us, or if you are a member of AAA.

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