ePICS is an enhanced service designed to deliver total satisfaction to our customers by eliminating the need to wait for an appraiser to inspect your vehicle.

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  • The vehicle must be drivable
  • The vehicle must be listed on your policy
  • Motorcycles or heavy equipment vehicles do not qualify 

Overview of Process

  • Please submit your photos along with your contact details and claim number (if provided) to epics@mapfreusa.com.
  • Photos checklist to send for your ePics appraisal:
    • Your vehicle mileage (picture of your odometer)
    • Your V.I.N. (vehicle identification number, can be found in two locations in: driver side interior dash or driver side door jamb)
    • All 4 corners of the vehicle from a distance
    • 1 overview of the damage
    • 2 additional photos for details of the damage
    • Any additional photos related to the damage
    • Any damage that is NOT related to this claim (indicating so)
  • You will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your submission.
  • The damage appraisal is written by licensed appraisers.
  • You will receive your damage appraisal via email.

We ask that your photos be submitted promptly. If the appraiser determines that the damage is too extensive to complete an ePICS appraisal, we will then assign the damage appraisal through our standard process.

We treat your data securely. Please see our Privacy Policy.