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Your New MAPFRE Policy and Billing Documents


Frequently Asked Questions

To help make it easier to do business with us, MAPFRE is converting to a new policy processing platform. As a result, upon renewal, you will receive a new policy number in your renewal package. Additionally, documents and invoices will have a new look and feel and the myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com portal has been updated with new features. Please find frequently asked questions and answers below.

How will I receive my renewal package?

If you are still receiving paper documents, you will receive a mailed package approximately 20-30 days prior to your policy Effective Date. If you have signed up for paperless, you will receive an email that your documents are ready to review in your online account approximately 25-30 days prior to your policy Effective Date. If you wish to sign up for paperless, you may sign up at myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com.

How do I know if I have converted to the new system?

You will receive a renewal package with a new policy number. Your new policy number is changing from a 6-character alphanumeric policy number to a 10-digit numerical policy number. Your new policy number will be clearly indicated on your renewal package and will appear on your billing statements. 

Should I contact a different customer service phone number for billing questions on my new policy?

No, we are here to assist you through the same phone number: 855-MAPFRE-7 (855-627-3737). Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

What is the payment due upon renewal?

Depending on your policy type, a 10% or 20% renewal payment is due by the policy effective date to avoid cancellation

Is my existing billing information transferring to the new policy?

If you pay by AutoPay (EFT) your scheduled payments will automatically transfer and payments will continue to be made on the new schedule. If you pay electronically through your bank, you will need to update your payment with the new policy number. 

If I make automatic payments through EFT, do I need to take any action?

No, your Auto Pay scheduled payments will automatically transfer and payments will continue to be made on the new schedule.

If I pay electronically through my bank, do I need to take any action?

Yes, you need to update your payment with the new policy number.

What if I have an outstanding balance from my previous policy term?

Any policy balance from the previous policy term will be automatically rolled over onto your next billing statement.

What are my payment options?

• Sign up for AutoPay for a direct EFT payment for convenient, automatic on-time payments
• Pay by logging into myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com
• Make a one-time payment without signing up for an account by visiting payments.mapfreinsurance.com
• Call 855-MAPFRE-7 (855-627-3737). Simply say “Pay my bill” to make a payment through our telephone system.
• Call 855-MAPFRE-7 (855-627-3737) to make a payment by speaking with a customer service representative. A $2.95 fee applies

How do I receive a Paid-in-Full discount?

If your policy is eligible, a 10% Paid-in-Full discount applies if payment is made in full for your renewal by the first installment due date.

If I’m a paperless customer, has anything changed?

Yes, you will now receive both your documents and bill electronically. 

What is the paperless discount?

If you choose to receive your documents and billing statement electronically, you will receive a 2% discount on your auto policy and a 3% discount on your homeowners policy.

How do I sign up for paperless?

Sign up at myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com and choose “Enroll in paperless.” When you enroll in paperless and choose to receive both documents and billing statements through the portal, you will receive a 2% discount. You must have a valid email address on file to enroll in paperless.

If I already have an online account on the portal, do I need to create a new one?

No, your information will automatically be updated in your online account at myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com.

What are the self-service option available on myaccount.mapfreinsurance.com?

• Pay your bill by e-check or credit card and store credit cards for future use
• Sign up for AutoPay (EFT) payment
• If your driving habits have changed, update your current mileage and we will adjust eligible policies accordingly
• Manage Green Program enrollment
• File a claim 

How do I update my coverages?

You may contact your agent if you wish to make changes to your policy.

Why are you updating the look and feel of the policy documents and billing statements?

We hope you will find the new documents and billing statements easier for you to locate key information about your policy. 

How does equity billing work? Why did I not receive two bills?

Equity-based billing determines how much premium should be charged for each day of coverage based on the policy length and total premium.

What if I overpay my bill?

• We will apply the overpayment amount to the next bill.
• If your overpayment pays off the next bill, you will not receive a bill until equity has run out and money is now due.