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Making a claim with MAPFRE Travel Insurance is easy. If you would like to start, download and complete a claims form from below. Don’t forget to choose the claims form that is most relevant to the claim you wish to make:

Our claims forms are in PDF format and you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. If your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed, you can download it free from here

Claims FAQs

How do I get help if I am sick or injured on my trip?

Call our Emergency Assist Line which is open 24/7 at 1-888-838-0921 or collect at 305-913-1867 (collect- outside of USA)

How do I file a claim?

You can start a claim by contacting us by phone or mailing us your claim form and supporting documents.

What if I can’t download forms from the website?

We can mail or email them to you upon request.

Which claim form should I use?

You should use the claim form pertaining to your reason for making a claim. i.e. if cancelling your trip for a covered reason then your corresponding claim form would be labeled “Trip Cancellation”.

Do I need to have supporting documents to process my claim?

Yes, you should keep all receipts, doctor’s notes, and any proper documents to submit with your claim forms to be reviewed. We will need copies of these in order to process your claim. A list of the required documents will be shown on your claim form.

How do I return the claim form and documentation?

We accept your claim forms and documents by Fax: (877) 570-9801

Send an e-mail to Claims

or by regular mail to:

MAPFRE Insurance
c/o InsureandgoUsa
7300 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 601
Miami, FL 33126.

How long does it take to get reimbursed?

Most claims are processed within 10 business days of receipt, providing we receive all the required information. Please note that due to the complexity of some claims, we may require additional information. Therefore, some claims may take longer than others to process and pay.

What can cause a delay in processing my claim?

Late submission of documentation may cause a delay in processing your claim. Also, missing information on your claim form may cause a delay. Please be sure to complete all the required data on the claim form and submit all supporting documents to avoid any delays.

What’s a Medical Affidavit and why do I need one?

A medical affidavit is a written document which your treating physician must complete and sign when making a claim for medical reasons. This form helps the claims adjuster in evaluating your claim accordingly.

How/When will I know if my claim is approved?

You will receive correspondence via phone call OR email from a claim adjuster once your claim has been processed.

How will the claim adjuster get in touch with me?

The Claims Dept. will contact you by phone or the email you provided.

Claim Form Questions

How quickly do I need to return completed forms?

The sooner you return them, the sooner your claim can be processed and paid. USA)

Do I have to send original receipts or are copies of receipts suitable?

We accept legible copies as well as scanned copies as an email attachment.

Do we need to write the complete credit card number?

No – We only need the last four digits.

I can’t recall the trip deposit date.

It is listed on the schedule page of your policy.

What if I don’t have the schedule page.

We can look it up in our system, please contact us at 1-888-838-0921 Mon-Fri. 9am to 5pm est.

Who do I list as travel agency if none used.

Put a line through the travel agency field, leave the field blank, or write N/A.

I need help in completing the form.

You can call us at 1-888-838-0921 (M-F 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time) for personal assistance.

Whose name do I put as insured?

You may list any named claimant on the claim form.

What can I send to prove ownership of property?

Receipts, credit card statement, owner’s manual, pictures, etc…

What If I did not keep a receipt for a covered expense?

Submit the expense anyway for reimbursement consideration.