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What To Do If Your Car Is Broken Into

Hopefully this never happens to you. Imagine waking up one morning to find out the unthinkable has happened. Someone has broken into your car. Then you realize, not only do you have to deal with broken door handles and glass all over the place, but there is actually stuff missing. What do you do next? Who do you call? Which insurance covers this?

Take a deep breath; this post has you covered. 

Document the scene and note everything missing

Not only will this help you out with your police report but also with filing an auto insurance claim as you’ll know exactly what the damage is and if anything was taken.

Side note, if you realize that your wallet or any other items with personal information are missing, call your bank to freeze your accounts AND place a fraud alert on your credit record by calling one of the three bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. You only have to call one, as the bureaus notify each other of any changes. 

Call the Police

More than likely your insurance company will need a police report to file a claim for a break-in. When filing your police report you’ll need to have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, car insurance ID card, pictures of the damage and a list of missing items. 

Call your Insurance Company

Here comes the tricky part; which insurance company do you call? Your car insurance company or your Homeowners/ Renters insurance company? Well, it depends on your coverage, or if you’ve bundled your policies for a discount and they’re insured with one company.

Typically, any stolen items (laptops, wallets, etc.) are covered by your Homeowners/ Renters Insurance as they are considered personal property. However, if you have important items that live in your car such as tools, you may want to consider adding an endorsement to your car insurance policy. That way in the event of a break-in, if they are swiped, you’ll likely be covered.

As for the actual damage to your car, that would fall under the comprehensive coverage of your car insurance policy. That means smashed windows, pried open doors, and any other damage to your car caused by a break-in or vandalism. But keep in mind that while it may be covered, there will usually be a deductible. As always, check with your insurance company to understand exactly what your policy covers.

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