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Innovation Week 2019 Agenda

We are excited to announce the following agenda for Innovation week 2019! Most sessions will be live-streamed and recorded, so everyone can watch at their leisure. We encourage live attendance to the sessions as well, just make sure to check with your supervisor or manager. Seating will be first come first serve. We especially encourage everyone to attend the panel discussion on the afternoon of 11/14.

Outside of these sessions, we will also be producing additional material through Oasis.

Lunch and Learns

Introduction to Design Thinking: 11/11 @ 1pm:
Design Thinking is an innovation methodology that allows us to analyze complex problems and solve them collectively using innovative and creative solutions. This methodology is human-focused and pushes organizations to focus on the customer in every phase of design. This event will be live-streamed and held in D135.

Customer Journey Mapping: 11/12 @ 1 pm:
In this session, you will “take a walk on the customer’s side” and learn what Customer Journey Mapping is and how it helps us to see our customer’s world and understand their experience with us. We will look at how mapping their journey helps to visualize where/how we all fit in this journey, appreciate how we influence that experience and how we all can find ways to improve their experience and become ambassadors for our customers. This event will be live-streamed and held in D135.

Simple Process Improvement Business Case: 11/13 @ 1 pm:
The Innovation office has invited the Business Process Management team to present Simple Process Improvement tools. The team will provide a demonstration on how to use each tool to identify the true root cause. Ultimately these tools will help teams gain efficiencies within their processes. This event will be held in D135.

Intelligent Process Automation Use Case Demo: 11/14 @ 1pm:
What is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and how has MAPFRE has leveraged use of this technology so that our employees can spend more time servicing our customers? To answer this question, the team will provide an overview of the processes we have streamlined and you’ll also hear first-hand from the Product Owners about the value they’ve gained. This event will be live-streamed and held in D114.

Business Model Canvas Construction: 11/15 @ 1pm:
Using your ideas during Customer appreciation week, the Innova teams will review how the Business Model Canvas can be used to validate ideas, develop hypothesis and define value propositions. The BMC is a visual management tool that facilitates understanding. The strategy of business modeling allows groups to quickly understand the ideas value as a whole. This event will be live-streamed and held in D135.


Rapid Prototyping Open House: 11/12 @ 9am:
Powered by Innova Finalist graduates, take your ideas to the next level by learning rapid prototyping techniques that will add clarity and focus to your team idea board discussions. Hack ideas, demos and past prototype examples will be shared to boost creativity. This is an open house, so come and stay for a few minutes or an hour. This event will be held in A219.

Value Proposition Open House: 11/14 @ 9am:
Powered by Innova Finalist graduates, use customer empathy, pain and gain mapping to develop creative solutions to customer jobs or challenges. The Workshop will utilize Strategyzer methodologies as part of the design thinking process with the goal to enhance capabilities in prioritization. This is an open house and sessions that begin every half hour. This event will be held in A219.

Innovation Speaker Series

MAPFRE USA Innovation Portfolio Review: 11/11 @ 10am:
Hugh Allen, MAPFRE USA Innovation Office Manager, will present MAPFRE Open Innovation and US portfolio focus with the goal of exposing the MAPFRE community to the current pilot projects and cultural initiatives underway and planned for 2020. This event will be live-streamed and held in D114.

MAPFRE Welcomes Donna Levin – Innovation Panel Discussion: 11/14 @ 5pm:
In conjunction with the Woman’s Leadership Network, The Innovation office has invited Donna Levin to Webster for a panel discussion on the importance of innovation in business. Donna is WPI’s first executive director of innovation and entrepreneurship. This event will be live-streamed and held in D114. MAPFRE foundation distracted driving VR rigs will be available for employee demo. This event will be live-streamed and held in D114.

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