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With our Disappearing Deductible credits, your safe driving can help you save up to a maximum of $300 off your deductible!

What is a disappearing deductible?

A disappearing deductible, sometimes called a vanishing deductible, rewards safe driving by decreasing the insurance policy owner’s deductible over time. This means you will usually pay less out of pocket if you or someone insured on your car insurance policy gets into an at-fault car accident and needs to make an insurance claim. Each insurance company’s definition of a clean driving record and the resulting discount will vary.

However, here at MAPFRE Insurance, we value safe driving and loyalty. For each continuous year of clean driving with us, you will earn disappearing deductible credits that can help save up to $300 on your deductible during a qualifying accident.

What are disappearing deductible credits?

A disappearing deductible credit is essentially a monetary credit that will apply toward the collision or comprehensive deductible in the case of a qualifying car accident where an insurance claim is made.

How do disappearing deductible credits work?

You begin to accumulate credits after one full year of clean driving where no disappearing deductible credits were used or lost. You will receive $50 in disappearing deductible credits for each of the first four consecutive clean year(s) after the initial clean year of driving. In the fifth consecutive clean year, you can earn a $100 credit. The maximum credits that can be earned is $300.

When will I get disappearing deductible credits?

At MAPFRE, credits are automatically added to eligible auto insurance policies at no additional cost. Check MAPFRE Insurance’s Disappearing Deductible Credit Schedule below to see when credits are awarded.

MAPFRE Insurance Disappearing Deductible Credit Schedule

MAPFRE Insurance disappearing deductible credit schedule for first through fifth policy renewals

How do I use disappearing deductible credits?

One disappearing deductible credit is earned per policy and may be used by the insured, a listed operator or an operator with permissive use. Disappearing deductible credits must be used for the first collision or limited collision claim paid on the policy where the deductible would apply.

For example, if your deductible is $500 and you have been with MAPFRE for 3 years without an accident, the disappearing deductible credit would be $150. If you’re in a qualifying at-fault accident that causes $2,000 of damage, you’d only need to pay a $350 deductible because of your disappearing deductible credits.

Who is eligible for the disappearing deductible program?

To be eligible for MAPFRE’s disappearing deductible program, you must carry collision or limited collision coverage on your auto insurance policy. For a complete list of details, please refer to the endorsement document in the policy renewal package, or to find out more about this program, contact an insurance agent today.

How do I add the disappearing deductible program to my policy? How much does it cost?

The disappearing deductible program can be added to a car insurance policy with collision coverage or limited collision coverage at the time the policy is purchased. In Massachusetts, MAPFRE Insurance offers the disappearing deductible program with your policy for no additional cost.

To discuss disappearing deductibles or other value programs offered at MAPFRE Insurance, connect with an agent near you. If you’re ready to see if you could be saving by switching to MAPFRE Insurance, get a Massachusetts car insurance quote now. If you’re located in another state, find an agent closest to you.

Credits are automatically added to eligible auto insurance policies at no additional cost and must be applied to the first collision or limited collision claim paid on the policy where the deductible would apply. To be eligible for this program, you must carry collision or limited collision on your policy. For a full list of details, please refer to the endorsement document in your policy renewal package.

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