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Accident Prevention and Road Safety Area

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The BCH Injury prevention van program “Safe Play starts Here” educates the community on effective injury prevention strategies. BCH injury prevention program team of experts visits classrooms at after-school programs, parent groups, community centers, safety fairs throughout Massachusetts to provide tips and resources for children, parents, clinicians and caregivers on how to stay safe and prevent injuries. 
By the Numbers 2018:
Events =165
Children/Families Reached = 488,979
Children/ Families engaged = 32,854
Van miles on the road = 8,990
Massachusetts communities served = 42

The report provides an overview of the burden of fatal and non-fatal injuries to children ages 9-14 in the U.S. for the period 2005 – 2017 and implications for prevention programming. The report describes the magnitude and mechanism of injury for unintentional and intentional injury overall and by age group. Data from three states are also highlighted California, Massachusetts and Ohio.

The MADD partnership focuses on the goal to develop and expand MADD Massachusetts and Connecticut outreach and community engagement providing prevention and education programs through the two states on their campaign to eliminate drunk and drugged driving.

Social Action Area

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United Way of Webster and Dudley provides economic aid to 17 health and humanitarian organizations which work with more than 7,000 beneficiaries in the towns of Webster and Dudley, Massachusetts. Among the services offered by the organization are food aid, help with paying rents, intervention in cases of domestic violence, adult literacy programs, dental health care in schools, legal assistance and more.  The services aim to cover the needs of those at risk of social exclusion, and to improve the organization of mutual support and care among the community. 

The NPH Seattle Institute Leadership Program invests in the development of six NPH college students every year. The program organizes the students to travel to Seattle and live with local host families for 6 months where they take part in leadership courses. The students are trained at a local community college; intensive English, job shadowing and service activities. 

The project provides support strategies for teachers, including recruitment, developing leadership skills and coordination activities. TFA collaborates with schools in areas where members of the organization are working as teachers and principals. 
TFA Ohio aims to ensure that one day all children in southeast Ohio have access to an excellent education. 
By the numbers: 371 beneficiaries

This program focuses on three parts, First finding leaders whose professional careers stand out and who have demonstrated their leadership skills and values. Second, develop and cultivate the leadership skills to bring about change through education. Training leaders who go beyond traditional expectations and help students to attain academic and personal growth and third Supporting individual and collective leadership, relationships and learning from each other. 
By the numbers 455 beneficiaries 

The project “Newcomers building community through sports “program launched at ENLACE (Engaging Newcomers in Language and Content Education)  High School in Lawrence Massachusetts. This youth sports program promotes physical, intellectual and social development through a sporting approach with basketball as the main tool.   

The pre-employment training program empowers students with intellectual and or developmental disabilities (IDD) to achieve long-term successful employment through adulthood. By providing critical transition services in the form of pre-employment training, the program provides the resources needed for people with IDD by using education and collaboration as development tools assisting students to feel confident, capable and most of all inspired to achieve their dreams leading them into the workforce. 
By the numbers: 168 beneficiaries 

Worcester Success program assigns an Advisor who works one-on-one, meeting in person on college campuses throughout the year to college students. Students receive support in four main areas, aligned with a DEAL model: Degree, Employability, Affordability, Life.
By the numbers: 400 beneficiaries
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The program will service adults at risk and consists of 4 modules  to include:
  • Basic Cooking and Nutrition: An existing curriculum developed by ‘Cooking Matters’ will provide the following topics: meal planning, grocery shopping, basic cooking skills and nutrition.
  • Personal Finances: Existing program from local bank will provide an understanding of managing family finances including bank account basics, personal budgeting, establishing good credit, and understanding wants vs needs.
  • Job Search: Participants will gain an understanding of how to get a job. Instruction will include job search techniques, resume creation, interviewing skills, preparation for an interview.
  • Library Services: Introduce library benefits provided to the public.
By the numbers: 80 beneficiaries 

Insurance and Social Protection Area

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BMAP College Insurance Competition has college students competing in the BMAP Insurance business simulation program. 
By the numbers: 25 beneficiaries 

Culture Area

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