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MAPFRE USA Volunteer Programs

MAPFRE USA Volunteer Programs

Making a Difference in Our Communities

MAPFRE Insurance is a strong advocate of local community involvement, actively supporting efforts which improve the environments and quality of life in the communities where our offices reside.  We believe in working together to accomplish greater goals and recognize how all contributions can have a truly positive impact.  Our passion lies with people.  Through our Volunteer Programs, our employees come together to make meaningful and significant contributions to where we live.

Some of our activities Include:

  • Blood Drives
  • Food Drives
  • Toy Drives
  • Cancer walks
  • United Way Day of Caring

For complete look at how our company and its employees have given back to our communities download our 2018 Volunteer Report PDF.

United Way of Webster Dudley

This organization is dedicated to helping the needy in Webster and Dudley, offering health and social services to over 7,000 beneficiaries.  Food aid, fighting domestic violence, legal assistance, tutoring and mentoring children are among the services offered to the community.  This entity also provides access to health care, adult literacy and emergency aid.  In a society like the one in the United States, where there is very little public coverage, such initiatives are very beneficial to people with fewer resources.

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