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Premier Living

Premier Living

Premier Coverages and Services from a Company You can Trust

MAPFRE’s PremierLiving program provides you with the coverages and services a distinctive home requires.

Our PremierLiving program offers many enhancement options including:

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

With this coverage, the amount we pay to repair or replace your home and other specifically insured structures on your property is not limited to the dwelling and/or structure amount listed on your policy. You can rest assured that any unexpected costs that arise from significant losses are taken care of. This includes additional costs for builders and materials if other homes are damaged along with yours.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

Whenever there is a loss, the latest building codes may require you to demolish and upgrade undamaged portions of your home to comply with codes that were changed after your home was built. Most policies pay some amount to cover the additional cost of compliance with updated building codes, but we go even further! We cover an additional amount up to the full dwelling amount listed on your policy set aside just to pay for revised building code requirements.

Additional Living Expenses

We understand that your home is not a standard one and may take longer to repair or rebuild. We will pay for additional living expenses for however long it takes to repair or replace your home. This coverage will ensure that you continue the same standard of living until your home is ready to move back in.

Cash-Out Option

In case of a total loss, you get to choose - you can either choose to rebuild your home, or take a cash settlement for an equivalent amount.

Backup of Water from Sewers or Drains

Many policies limit this important coverage. We provide significantly higher coverage.

Personal Property Covered for All Risks

Most policies cover personal contents only for a specific list of loss types like fire, windstorm, theft, etc. With this coverage, we cover personal contents for a much broader range of possible losses including things you wouldn’t normally think about such as accidentally spilling paint on your clothes and furniture.

 At MAPFRE Insurance we understand the value of your Premier Home and provide the superior coverage you need to protect it.

  • Cash out option on total losses
  • Waiver of standard policy deductible on losses over $50,000.
  • $25,000 Identity Theft coverage, no deductible.
  • Increased special limits.
  • Flexible deductibles to maximize your premium savings.
  • Personal injury coverage (libel and slander).
  • Deluxe contents coverage package (optional).
  • Money $2000.
  • Securities $5,000.
  • Watercraft $5,000.
  • Trailers $3,000.
  • Jewelry & Furs $5,000, includes misplacement.
  • Firearms $6,000.
  • Silverware $10,000.
  • Business property on premises $15,000.
  • Business property off premises $5,000.
  • Electronic in auto $2,000.
  • Stamps and coins $5,000.
  • Fire department service charge $1,000.
  • Credit cards $10,000.
  • Landlord’s furnishings $10,000.
  • Loss assessment $50,000.
  • Refrigerated products, personal property limit.
  • Lock replacement $500.
  • Electronic data restoration $5,000.
  • Water legal liability.
  • Collision coverage on property being transported $10,000.

This is an advertisement. The coverages described herein are governed by the provisions of the applicable insurance policy. No coverage is provided or modified by this brochure. Some coverages vary by state. Please speak to your agent or company representative for more information.

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