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Why I Choose MAPFRE Insurance

Why I Choose MAPFRE Insurance

How do you know if an insurance company will deliver on their promises?

As a leading insurer with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can count on us – from quality coverage to claim service excellence. We take care of customers after a loss through our convenient, hassle-free CAR EZ auto repair program and our Select Home Restoration contractor program for home. See what our customers are saying about their experience with us.*

Here's what our customers are saying about us

“I have been a customer for years now. Like most people, we have had our share of fender-benders. Things have always been taken care of in a most timely manner, with never an issue on our part.” 
–John G., 10/16/18  

“MAPFRE's claim team representatives were thorough, pleasant and professional. The entire process was seamless, which made an unfortunate incident less concerning and hassle-free!”     
–Brenda E., 10/4/18 

“The process from loss reporting to retrieving my finished car was effortless and seamless from my perspective. All the people with whom I dealt we courteous and professional.  I am happy to be a customer for at least two decades.” 

Robert D., 9/25/18

“I was extremely happy with the professionalism with which my claim was handled. I'm proud to be a customer of MAPFRE Insurance.” 

Edward G., 9/7/18 

“I would definitely recommend MAPFRE to others. I was impressed by how smoothly everything went.” 

Robert D., 9/8/18 

“It’s the only claim I've ever had and was very happy to have a company that actually cares about making things right. And being there when you do need them.” 
Steven A., 9/1/18

About CAR EZ®

“This was literally the easiest process I've ever gone through. From putting in the claim to being able to leave my rental at the shop I picked my car up from, MAPFRE is amazingly simple. That's what people look for. Cost is great, and service is even better.”  
Donna S., 10/30/18  

“My experience was great with CAR EZ. My rental was waiting for me at the shop. I just had to show up and it was all taken care of!”     
–Jean M., 10/12/18 

“The claim process was fast and easy. The vehicle was repaired and back on the road sooner than I expected. I chose to use the CAR EZ program and am extremely satisfied with the job the shop did and how quickly they were able to take the vehicle in.”   
William S., 10/2/18

“The person taking my claim was very kind, very professional. Recommended the CAR EZ expedited repair program, which by the way, is a great program. The auto body shop did a great job. My car came out perfect and was completed in the timeframe promised. The car was spotless when I got it back. I would highly recommend using the service to all your MAPFRE customers.”   
Mary V., 9/29/18 

“The service was fast.  They took my car in and was fixed in less than a week. They did an excellent job with my car. And also with the detailing.”  
Madeline R., 11/6/18 

“My experience was great with CAR EZ. They had my rental waiting for me at the shop and did all the contacting for me! I just had to show up and it was all taken care of!”  
Jean M., 10/12/18

“Everything went effortlessly, from reporting the accident, to setting the appraisal appointment, to scheduling the repairs and procuring the rental vehicle, to picking up my car a few days later, repairs were well done and a car that was meticulously clean. My first experience like this!”  
Mary V., 10/7/18

About Select Home Restoration…

“The work was done without me running around for different contractors. Overall, the work was excellent and clean. Hopefully, I won’t have to have this experience again. In the event I do, I would choose the Select Home Restoration program again.”    
–Anthony P., 10/4/18   

Earlier this year, we filed a claim for some storm damage. At the time your representative offered your “one-stop”  Select Home Restoration program in which they would send out a restoration specialist to not only adjust the claim, but to follow through with contracting to completion. I am so glad we took up his suggestion.  Prime Restoration was great in coming up with an action plan and seeing it through, arranging for tradesmen that would have been a real headache for us to hire and schedule. Our experience with MAPFRE has always been positive, but I wanted to commend your company, and, especially the Select Home Restoration program, for a job well done.”    
–Greg C., 10/31/18  

“ARS Restoration was recommended by my insurance company for a leak in my kitchen with mold. They worked seamlessly with the adjuster and the insurance company. The abatement team was stellar, including sealing off the kitchen, removal of debris and careful removal of the cabinetry. Whether via phone, text or meeting, the contractor truly listened to our questions and concerns.”   
Kathleen S., 8/24/18

“The response from ARS was timely and the entire process from appraisal, estimate to repairs was easy.” 
–Irene K., 7/9/18

*Quotes taken from customer satisfaction surveys. 

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