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Why I Choose MAPFRE Insurance

Why I Choose MAPFRE Insurance

How do you know if an insurance company will deliver on their promises?

As a leading insurer with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can count on us – from quality coverage to claim service excellence. We take care of customers after a loss through our convenient, hassle-free CAR EZ auto repair program and our Select Home Restoration contractor program for home. See what our customers are saying about their experience with us.*

Here's what our customers are saying about us

“I have been a customer for years now. Like most people, we have had our share of fender-benders. Things have always been taken care of in a most timely manner, with never an issue on our part.” 
–John G., 10/16/18  

“MAPFRE's claim team representatives were thorough, pleasant and professional. The entire process was seamless, which made an unfortunate incident less concerning and hassle-free!”     
–Brenda E., 10/4/18 

“The process from loss reporting to retrieving my finished car was effortless and seamless from my perspective. All the people with whom I dealt we courteous and professional.  I am happy to be a customer for at least two decades.” 

Robert D., 9/25/18

“I was extremely happy with the professionalism with which my claim was handled. I'm proud to be a customer of MAPFRE Insurance.” 

Edward G., 9/7/18 

“I would definitely recommend MAPFRE to others. I was impressed by how smoothly everything went.” 

Robert D., 9/8/18 

“It’s the only claim I've ever had and was very happy to have a company that actually cares about making things right. And being there when you do need them.” 
Steven A., 9/1/18

About CAR EZ®

“The claims process was handled extremely well from start to finish. I chose to use the CAR EZ program, which made the entire process easy.”  
David C., 2/28/19  

“The whole process of submitting my claim and starting the process of fixing my car went smoothly. I didn't have to deal with any hassles. The CAR EZ program made it even easier to get my car's damage appraised and fixed.”     
–Kirk L., 2/5/19 

“My experience could not have been better!”   
Robert S., 1/31/19

“Great service from the time I brought the car in to the time I picked it up.”   
Sheila F. 1/18/19 

“Extremely satisfied and happy. Very comfortable and felt at ease.”  
Leigh S. 1/7/19 

“Given the circumstances, everything was smooth and reasonable.”  
Elias K. 1/14/19

“I couldn't be more pleased with the service and quality of work at the CAR EZ shop.”  
Jennifer N., 1/9/19

About Select Home Restoration…

“It was the first time for us to deal with this terrible situation: no heat and no water in such cold weather, we were very much worried and even a little bit panicked. The MAPFRE claims representative gave us helpful instructions and made necessary arrangements for us right away. We feel very lucky to have MAPFRE to help us and many thanks to our claim representative! ARS is an excellent company and they did a great job.”    
–Xiaoyang Z., 3/14/19   

Your claims representative offered the one stop shop using your contractor, ARS, and it was a painless and pleasurable experience. Their communication with me was commendable. The employees and subs were professional and timely. Thank you MAPFRE!”    
–James C., 2/13/19  

“I was more than satisfied with working with MAPFRE and ARS. The adjuster was in the next day after I put in the claim. The people from ARS were there that afternoon to survey the damage. The demolition team was in the day after. They worked very hard to complete the job in an expedited manner and left the work area as clean as possible. The restoration crew put in long hours, sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day, to stay on schedule.”   
Robert K., 2/4/19

“I appreciated MAPFRE helping me out in a time of need.” 
Andrew M., 1/5/19

*Quotes taken from customer satisfaction surveys. 

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