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Playing Our Part

We know that a little effort every day makes a big difference. At MAPFRE, we protect people and the environment today to ensure the future tomorrow.

We’re living through a time of historic change. We find ourselves in a Decade of Action characterized by a sense of urgency and a unique opportunity to work together to tackle social and environmental challenges.

Our response to these global challenges must be collective.

At MAPFRE, our work has maintained a strong commitment to people and the planet for 90 years. As a company, we have set our sights on the world and on global challenges in order to leave a positive footprint around us.

We know that change is possible and want to contribute to this process with challenging and unequivocal commitments to social and environmental issues, with products and services in line with our commitments and corporate governance that enables us to continue making responsible progress in the right direction.

The time to act is now, and each of us must play our part.

We are involved in the major international initiatives.

Learn more about our Sustainability Plan

We care about the great natural treasures that connect us and know that together we can make the changes necessary to protect them. That’s why, playing our part, we’re working to improve the management of our environmental footprint and promote the circular economy.

Due to the impact of climate change and its associated risks, we’re facing a situation of global urgency. The scarcity of resources, depletion of ecosystems, and impact on biodiversity threaten not only the irrecoverable loss of natural wealth, but also our health and social welfare model.

We’re working to ensure that quality employment, inclusion, financial education, insurance accessibility, and the sustainability of our value chain are a driving force for transformation. We’re living in a time of historic progress, in which we’ve taken great steps to move toward a diverse and inclusive society.

However, the continued presence of significant inequality gaps means we must broaden our perspective if we want to continue advancing toward a better social model that ensures equal opportunity for all, without exclusion.

We encourage dialogue from the inside out, with all those who, like us, want to be part of this change. At such a time of urgency, climate and social challenges motivate us to collaborate across the spectrum in the joint search for value-based solutions.

We continually review and ramp up our requirements, based on what others expect of us and what we ourselves believe we’re capable of achieving by leveraging our enthusiasm and potential to make a contribution.

We make rigorous, unequivocal public commitments on social and environmental matters, aligning our services and products with these aims, including sustainable products, sustainable investment, and sustainable underwriting. In order to achieve the global goals set down in the 2030 Agenda, each company must tackle and take ownership of shared challenges, integrating them into their products and processes. Companies must also raise awareness among their customers, encouraging them to commit and to act.

Building a sustainable future

These are our public commitments to building a sustainable future.


Protecting what belongs to everyone


Bridging the gaps that divide us


Including sustainability in our strategy

100% of our countries will be carbon neutral by 2030
We will eliminate the gender pay gap by 2024 (+/-1%)
People with disabilities will make up 3.5% of the workforce by 2024
100% of our providers will be approved in line with ESG criteria by 2024
90% of our investment portfolio to be rated in line with ESG criteria by 2024

Discover “The Call That Came In”

At MAPFRE, we have an insurance solution for everything that can happen to you. But we also work hard every day to make society and the future a fairer and more sustainable place.

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