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Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons when people modify their homes. If you’re in the market for some upgrades to your home, like a new roof due to its age or beautification of the outside, like tree and shrub removal, you’ll want to ensure that the person you hire will get the job done correctly.

Contractors will not only be more experienced but also be licensed in the state you live in and insured and bonded.

Before considering hiring a good contractor to work on your home, what steps should you take?

Get Recommendations
The search for a contractor should begin with getting recommendations – either from a family member or friend who has used one before, or by doing your own search online. By asking people you know, you can weed out the good from the bad by their positive or negative experiences. By searching online, you can read reviews to see how a contractor’s work has been rated. Another option is to visit your local lumberyard or talk to a building inspector to get their recommendations, suggests general contractor Tom Silva from This Old House.In addition to checking to see if a contractor is listed positively or negatively on the Better Business Bureau here are some other suggestions:

Conduct Phone Interviews
Once you have compiled a list of potential contractors for the work you need to be done to your home, start calling contractors to check their references and availability and ask if they can handle a project of your size. You should also check to see how many other projects they have going on during the timeframe you would need them for.

Meet Face-to-Face
Meeting face-to-face should be the next step in the process before picking your contractor. The contractor should see the work they may be accepting and be able to offer you examples of their work.

Get Bids
After interviewing and meeting with potential contractors, you should get bids for the job and compare and contrast the prices. Remember that the cheapest offer might not be the best route because that contractor might not be using the best materials, so asking all contractors where they would be getting their materials is best.

Put Everything in Writing
The last step before hiring a contractor is to get everything in writing. The contractor you ultimately choose should draw up a contract which should include detailing the work that will be done, the amount of the project, the expected start and completion dates, the materials and products that will be used, and proof of being insured and bonded in your state.

Sedgwick Repair Solutions
If all this seems overwhelming, an easier option for MAPFRE customers is to use Sedgwick Repair Solutions*. Sedgwick has partnered with MAPFRE for many years on claims through the Select Home Restoration ProgramSM and has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most trusted names in the industry. Sedgwick is now offering MAPFRE customers concierge home improvement project management services. Sedgwick matches you with one of 2,000 certified local, regional and national contractors, monitors the project for quality and timeliness throughout the process and guarantees the work for 5 years. Sedgwick can help you find services like:

  • Additions, bathroom and kitchen remodeling to deck, siding and roofing replacement
  • Mold Remediation and Environmental Services
  • Tree and Shrub Removal

Additional details can be found on the Sedwick website for MAPFRE customers.

Remember, if you are repairing your home or roof because of storm damage, be sure to contact MAPFRE Insurance and make a property claim instead. Your adjuster will help you through the claims process and let you know what is and isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

*Program available to customers with the MAPFRE Loyalty Rewards Program Endorsement CIC-2237 or CIC-2238 attached to a MAPFRE policy, as indicated on your Declarations Page.

Terms and conditions

By this offer, MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp. and its insurance affiliates (collectively, “MAPFRE”) provide you the opportunity to access home improvement contractor services provided by Sedgwick Repair Solutions (“Sedgwick”).  Sedgwick is responsible for the operation and performance of any products and services associated with its home improvement contractor services.

MAPFRE has no control or influence over the design or quality of Sedgwick home improvement contractor services, including any product or the services provided by, or on behalf of, Sedgwick. MAPFRE assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to the performance or the actions of Sedgwick or its agents. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties regarding the product or any associated services, you must contact Sedgwick.

This offer (including these terms and conditions) DOES NOT change, in any way, the coverage provided by your MAPFRE home insurance policy. In the event of a home related loss, whether or not involving the products or services offered by Sedgwick, the terms and conditions of your policy will determine the availability of insurance coverage.

This offer is being provided to you as a MAPFRE insured. MAPFRE may, in its sole discretion, terminate your ability to access the benefits provided by this offer at any time, including, without limitation, upon the termination of your MAPFRE home insurance policy.

Please Note:This content is not intended to describe any specific coverage offered by MAPFRE Insurance. No coverage is provided, bound or guaranteed by this article. Available coverages, credits and discounts vary from state to state and are subject to eligibility criteria and policy terms/conditions, which will control in the event of conflict between this article and your insurance policy. For information about your policy, please review your individual policy contract and speak with your insurance representative.

MAPFRE Insurance® is a brand and service mark of MAPFRE U.S.A. Corp. and its affiliates, American Commerce Insurance CompanySM (Cal. COA 4928-8); Citation Insurance CompanySM; The Commerce Insurance CompanySM; Commerce West Insurance CompanySM (Cal. COA 1372-2); and MAPFRE Insurance CompanySM (Cal. COA 3039-5). Not all products available in all states.


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