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marriage and car insurance

How Marriage Affects Your Car Insurance

Is there a white dress, wedding cake and a ring in your future? Congratulations! Getting married is an awesome new step in life. But all this love in the air brings changes to your finances, including your auto insurance. Curious about what happens to your policy after those wedding bells ring? 

If both you and your new spouse have good driving records, you can potentially save by combining your car insurance after marriage. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts or lower rates to married drivers.  

Getting married may also create opportunities for other discounts as well. For example, MAPFRE offers a multi-vehicle discount, so adding your new spouse’s vehicle could save you a percentage. Look into what other discounts your spouse makes you eligible for that you might not have on your own. 

Getting married doesn’t guarantee a drop in your payments, however. If your spouse has a large accident history or several speeding tickets, you could see your rates rise. Ask your partner about their driving history, and if it’s less than stellar, you may want to consider keeping your auto insurance solo to prevent paying more.  

Also, if your spouse’s vehicle is of high value, or he/she drives much more than you, combining policies could raise your payments as well. Make sure you both have clean driving records and similar driving situations before switching over to a joint policy. 

To see if the two of you could save by switching to MAPFRE, get a quote online in a specific state, like Massachusetts, or find an independent insurance agent near you to learn what discounts you could qualify for. 


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