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How to Save Gas While Driving

With gas prices almost always on the rise, no one would blame you for looking for ways to use less fuel. Not only can you save money at the pump, but you could also spend less time there.

Why worry about driving around to find the best price per gallon or arriving late to work because you had to stop for gas yet again? There are some simple ways you can use less gas when you’re behind the wheel.

Practice Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques

Being a smart driver is a key way to save gas. You should pay attention to how you stop and maintain a set speed. Using your cruise control can help because it keeps you from going above a specific speed. Keep in mind, when you drive too fast, your car encounters a lot of drag, which causes it to use more fuel. Stick to the posted speed limit or within a few mph of that limit.

Some ways you can save on fuel is to turn off the AC or vehicle’s warming features like defrosters, heated seats and heated steering wheel as most of this systems tend to draw more power from the engine which result in the use of more gas.

Cut Back on Your Cargo

Whether you drive an old sedan or a newer SUV, you probably carry more stuff in your trunk or cargo area than you think. When you have some free time, open the trunk and get rid of anything you don’t need. This includes that old gym bag and the toys your kids tossed in there along with general junk and trash. The more weight you add to your car, the more fuel it will use. Reducing that clutter by even 50% can help you save fuel.

Know When to Buy

Did you know that the time of day when you fuel up can impact how much gas you use? If you buy in the middle of the day when the sun is out and the temperature is up, the gas is warmer and less dense. Even if you fill up, you won’t get as much gas as you thought because it will take up more space in your tank. Grabbing gas in the morning or late at night is better because the temperature is lower and gas is denser. You don’t need to buy as much to fill your tank.

Avoid Idling

You probably don’t realize just how much time you sit behind the wheel of your car with it on but not moving. Every time that your car idles, you waste gas, even when you’re in a fixed position. If you live in a cooler climate and need to warm up your car in the morning, try to let it run for no more than 60 seconds. Not only does this reduce the gas you use but it also reduces your greenhouse emissions. Try to avoid sitting in the parking lot at work or the grocery store too.

Drive Safely

You might hear a lot of road rage stories where someone irritated another driver who chased them or followed them home. Aggressive drivers not only cause accidents and annoy others on the road, but they also use a lot of gas. An easy way to increase your gas economy is when you drive safely. Follow the posted signs on the road and keep up with the flow of traffic. You should always use your signals if you plan to turn and slow down when going around corners. Try to maintain a set speed no matter where you go.

How to Save Fuel While Driving on Hills

To save fuel while driving on hills, use the gas pedal less often. When you reach the top of the hill, let your foot off the gas and coast down the hill. By the time you reach the bottom of the hill, you should be back to your original speed or close to it. As you drive up the hill, lift your foot slowly off the pedal. You can add more pressure as needed to get up the hill before you coast back down. Coasting is one of the best ways to save gas, especially if you live in an area with a lot of hills.

Learning how to save gas while driving can also help you learn how to stay safe and avoid the accidents that could cause a rise in your insurance premium. If you’re looking for a new auto insurance policy that fits your budget and leaves you more money for gas, contact MAPFRE today!

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