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Building a more Humane Future at Fundación MAPFRE

Every year, thousands of MAPFRE employees play a critical role volunteering in their local communities and participating in environmental care activities that better our planet.

Volunteer events aim to improve the quality of life for groups at risk of social exclusion and are aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals. Fundación MAPFRE goals include:

  • Nutrition: Provides food to fight hunger and malnutrition through several initiatives, such as food collection campaigns
  • Health: Provides support to disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities. Also promotes the donation of blood and bone marrow
  • Environment: Participates in environmental care activities such as reforestation, cleaning of woodlands, forests and beaches as well as carrying out recycling donation campaigns (batteries, mobile phones, etc.)
  • Education: Supports the education of children through supply donations and activities to strengthen schools
  • Road Safety: Works for a safe, healthy and sustainable mobility and to raise public awareness about the need to prevent road related injuries
  • Sharing Solidarity: Participates in altruistic actions to provide companionship, support and affection to the many people who need our help.

With Fundación MAPFRE volunteers spread over 27 countries around the world, we are determined to make the planet a better place.

Here at Fundación MAPFRE, we believe in building a more humane future. Do you?


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