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Hand illustration holding a photo ID. Everything you need to know about IDs.

What you need to know about Real IDs

The REAL ID program serves to create more secure issuance of identification. As a result of COVID circumstances, the REAL ID compliance deadline has been moved from October 1, 2021 to May 3, 2023. When the requirement is in effect, all travelers 18 and over will need to show a REAL ID-compliant license, valid passport or other acceptable form of federal identification to board a plane or enter a federal building. A standard license will no longer be an acceptable form of federal identification. However, enhanced driver’s licenses (EDLs) are acceptable, but the only states that offer them are Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Washington.

To obtain a REAL ID, you will need to apply through your state motor vehicle department and provide documentation of your age, identity, Social Security number and address.

In most states, you have an option of obtaining a traditional driver’s license or REAL ID.

Visit your state’s website for more information about regulations and requirements.

 Children under 18 do not need to show identification for domestic flights.




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