The DriveAdvisor® Program saves you money and helps you monitor your driving patterns.

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You can also monitor the driving patterns of your family members to improve safe driving habits.

Learn more about DriveAdvisor and start saving!

What is DriveAdvisor and how does it work?

DriveAdvisor is a program that employs a mobile application for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices to allow you to interact with your driving behaviors. The app provides you with feedback and insight about your driving behaviors. You can potentially earn a discount when safe driving behaviors are shown.

You will also have access to a policyholder leaderboard in which family member ranking will be visible to help you monitor their driving habits. This can help to educate you and your family members about ways to improve driving habits and may help you reduce your risk of having an accident.

Is the DriveAdvisor Program hard to use?

It’s easy. Enroll with your insurance agent, download the DriveAdvisor App and log in. Once logged in you can begin recording trips. Feedback on driving behaviors and recommendations to improve safe driving habits are shared on the dashboard in the app.

How do I enroll in the DriveAdvisor Program?

Talk with your agent to see if you are eligible for the DriveAdvisor Program. If so, your agent can help you get started.

Do I have to pay to take part in the DriveAdvisor Program?

No. Taking part in the DriveAdvisor Program is free! You will actually be receiving a savings on your auto insurance for signing up and completing the onboarding process.  There is also a savings when you renew your insurance.


Can I stop using DriveAdvisor at any time?

Yes. If you wish to withdraw from the DriveAdvisor Program, you can do so at any time, but the DriveAdvisor discount will no longer apply. There is also a waiting period to be eligible for discounts should you wish to re-enroll.