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Auto Claims

Auto Claims

Reporting a Claim…the sooner, the better

As soon as you can, please report your claim by doing one of the following:

  • Contact us directly
  • Click here to report your claim online
  • Call your insurance agent

Who is handling my claim?

When you report your claim to us, our Claims Service Center Representatives will work with you to gather the initial claim information and will assign a Claim Representative to handle your needs.

Additionally, a MAPFRE Insurance Appraiser will be assigned to inspect your vehicle and write a damage appraisal.

Can I rent a car?

If your policy includes coverage for a substitute vehicle, and your vehicle is not drivable or in the shop for repairs, your Claim Representative will assist you in obtaining a rental vehicle. MAPFRE Insurance has a list of preferred rental companies you may wish to select from.

Damage Appraisal

What if my vehicle was towed to a storage facility or tow yard?
Please call us immediately if your car is at a storage or tow facility. Storage charges may be accruing daily, and we can help you with the determination of whether the car should be moved in order to lessen these charges.

Can I begin repairs once the appraisal is completed?
You may choose to begin repairs at that point. However, the initial damage appraisal is not a guarantee of payment. That is because the amount of the appraisal will be reduced by your chosen deductible, or by any damage listed on the appraisal that is not related to the loss. Your Claim Representative will verify the fault of the parties involved in the accident and the coverage available to you.

What if my vehicle is deemed a “Total Loss”?
The MAPFRE Insurance Appraiser will make the determination if your vehicle is repairable or if it is a “total loss.” Your “total loss” settlement will be based on the actual cash value of the vehicle minus the amount of your chosen deductible. Your Claim Representative will be the individual that contacts you regarding the settlement of your “total loss” claim.


Will there be a deductible?
Your Claim Representative will review what coverage is available for your claim. Once coverage is determined and the amount of your loss has been established, payments are made less the amount of your chosen deductible for that particular coverage part.

* Please note: If there is another individual(s) responsible for the accident and the resulting damage to your vehicle, our staff will attempt to recover your deductible. We will contact the responsible party’s insurance carrier and provide the appropriate follow up to attempt recovery of funds due to you as quickly as possible.

When can I expect payment?
If your vehicle is repairable, you can normally expect payment within 5 to 7 days after the appraisal is received. The entire process will normally take 7 to 12 business days from the date you reported the accident. Also, if there is a lien holder (holder of the auto loan) on your policy, we may be required by law to include your lien holder on the check. However, if you sign a direction to pay at your auto repair shop, we can send the payment directly to your repairer.


Where can I have my vehicle repaired?
MAPFRE Insurance insureds are free to have their vehicle repaired at any auto repair shop of their choice. Bring the damage appraisal written by the MAPFRE Insurance Appraiser to your chosen shop. If the repair shop’s estimate is different from the one written by the MAPFRE Insurance Appraiser, our staff will work directly with your chosen shop to attempt to reach an agreed price.

What if additional damage not included in the original appraisal is discovered while the vehicle is being repaired?
Your original appraisal is for “visible damage” seen during the inspection. Although every attempt is made to be as thorough as possible, additional “hidden damage” is sometimes discovered during the repair process. If this happens, the repair facility should contact the original MAPFRE Insurance Appraiser who will then come to that facility to write a supplemental appraisal for any claim-related damage.

Information by state

New Jersey 

For accidents occurring prior to 7/1/14
Sample decision point review information letter (PDF)
Decision point information plan and pre-certification requirements and contact information (PDF)

For Accidents occurring 7/1/14 or after
Sample decision point review information letter (Word)
Decision point review plan and pre-certification requirements and contact information (PDF)

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