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California Consumer Privacy Act

Please email requests to or call


Please include the following information with your request

Which right do you wish to request

Massachusetts Policy: Enter just the last 6 positions of your policy number excluding the preceding policy prefix "MM" or "MMC" on auto policies and "H" on homeowner policies. Example: 15MMABC123, 15MMCABC123, HA12345. If you have a 10 digit policy number, please enter the full 10 digits. These policy numbers will have a preceding policy prefix of "AU" for Auto and "HO" for homeowners.
ACIC Policy: Please enter your policy prefix and number, including any leading zeros, without spaces or dashes. Example: ACPA000654321, NYPA000123456, or 11000654321
All Others: Please enter the policy number as it appears on your insurance documents with no spaces or dashes between letters and/or numbers. Example: 8001010001022 or 6401020001234
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