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ePICS is an enhanced service designed to deliver total satisfaction to our customers by eliminating the need to wait for an appraiser to inspect your vehicle. 


  • The vehicle must be drivable
  • The vehicle must be listed on your policy
  • Motorcycles or heavy equipment vehicles do not qualify 

Overview of Process

  • You will receive an email or text notification asking you to download the ePICS application.
  • After you download the app, follow the instructions within the app to take and submit photos of your vehicle.
  • The damage appraisal is written by licensed appraisers.
  • You will receive your damage appraisal via email.

We ask that your photos be submitted promptly. If the appraiser determines that the damage is too extensive to complete an ePICS appraisal, we will then assign the damage appraisal through our standard process. 


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You will receive an email and/or text invitation. Clicking/tapping the link in your invitation message takes you to the App Store or Google Play where you can download the app; if you follow this method, your login information (i.e. claim number and last name) auto-populates when you launch the app. 

A VIN is Vehicle Identification Number. Scan the VIN or enter the VIN manually into the mobile app. 

You will be prompted to submit 9 photos: passenger side front, passenger side rear, driver side front, driver side rear, 3 damage photos, VIN, and odometer. 

Please refer to the proper steps below based on your device type. 
    • Go to your Apple ID account page and select Reset your Password. 
    • Enter your Apple ID and then click Next. If you don't remember your Apple ID email address, choose Forgot your Apple ID. 
    • After you enter your Apple ID, you can see how to reset your password depending on the security features you're using with your account. 
iOS: You can reset your password by following these steps: 
Note: This is directly from
    • Go to your Google account and check I don’t know my Password. 
    • Enter the email address used to sign-in to Google and click Continue. 
    • Enter the last password you remember and click Continue. If you don't remember it, click I don't know. 
    • Select to reset your password by: a verification code (through SMS or phone) or by email. Then click Continue. 
    • Enter and re-enter a new password and click Change password. 
Android: You can reset your password by following these steps: 

The outlined items you see below are possible issues. Please check with the caller to ensure there are no problems related to these. 
    • Changed Last Name: The vehicle owner’s last name needs to be entered to access the mobile app. 
    • Spacing issue or extra characters: check that they are logging in correctly without spaces or other characters. 
    • Wrong Claim Number: Ask customer to make sure the Claim Number matches the email/text received. 
    • Incorrect Claim Number provided to customer: We cannot help you at this time. You should contact your adjuster. 
As a last option for addressing the login issue, delete and re-install the mobile app. 
Note: This issue should not arise if the user clicks/taps on the download link sent to them via email or text, as following this method ensures the user's login info auto-populates when the app is launched.
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