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PARENTS, improve your teen's driving safety - and save -  with In Control crash prevention training program. 

Do you worry about your teen’s safety on the road? MAPFRE has partnered with In Control to offer young drivers a 10% discount on MAPFRE auto insurance after In Control course completion.

What is In Control?

In Control developed the first state-certified driver’s skill development program in the U.S. by analyzing police and insurance crash data to identify the skills most needed to avoid collisions. The program has been proven to reduce youthful driver crashes 70% compared to driver-education-only trained drivers.

The four-hour In Control course combines hands-on driving training with classroom instruction and discussion:

Hands-on driving training

·           • Proper hands and seating
·            • Emergency braking skills (ABS)
·           • Advanced steering skills, including over and understeering and speed control
·           • Backing up skills and awareness
·           • Close quarters maneuverability
·           • Following distance/tailgating


Classroom instruction and discussion

·           • Situational awareness and driving distractions (including cell/texting)
·           • Understanding road rage
·           • Airbag awareness
·           • Vehicle assessment
·           • Other topics pertinent to the specific individuals involved (contact In Control with specific curriculum enhancement requests)


How do I get the In Control MAPFRE Insurance auto insurance discount for my teen driver?

After completion of the In Control course, contact your independent insurance agent to add the In Control discount to your teen’s MAPFRE Insurance auto policy. Proof of course completion required.

How do I sign up my child for the In Control program?

Course costs, schedules and registration information are available on the In Control website:

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