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Look Both Ways wins Hatch Awards Merit Award

We are proud to share that Look Both Ways has received the Hatch Awards “Work for Good Merit Award.” The Hatch Awards have been presented annually for over 60 years to New England-based brands or creators responsible for the creation of advertising, design, direct marketing and/or interactive material.

Look Both Ways, which was funded entirely by Fundación MAPFRE and brought to life with the help of marketing agency CTP Boston, takes an interactive approach to changing behaviors on the road. First created as a virtual reality game to test your driving skills, Look Both Ways’ key component is the React Challenge, a digital gaming experience that tests a user’s reaction time when faced with obstacles on the road, including those they may not expect.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We all know to “look both ways” when entering the street, but in our current distracted environment, it is no longer second nature. To learn more about the Look Both Ways Program, and to test your reaction time, visit https://www.lookbothwayssafety.org/.