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Our volunteer community never stops growing

Social volunteering, the tool that transforms people’s lives

With our social volunteering program, we provide our employees with the opportunity to participate in altruistic and solidarity actions to help the many people who need us. To be a volunteer means more than giving. Yet, one only discovers this after trying it yourself. 

The beneficiaries of our volunteer actions receive solidarity, companionship and affection. Yet our volunteers also receive a great deal. Through these actions, they see how their personal satisfaction, motivation and commitment grow, at the same time as they acquire general skills transferable to a wide array of personal and professional areas. Volunteering is also an attitude that is infectious within the whole volunteer family, transmitting values and educating by example, especially when it comes to children. 

We engage in activities in the health, education, nutrition, environmental and emergency help sectors.

Based on the cooperation agreement we have with Boston Children’s Hospital, volunteers have been able to donate and deliver books to children admitted to the hospital’s primary care center. They have also donated play materials to children waiting to be operated on and have cooked for families that travel to Boston to be with their children during their hospital stay.

Volunteers also took part in Disability Mentoring Day, an event organized in conjunction with the program Best Buddies that addresses the issue of employment integration for people with a disability. The students were invited to MAPFRE USA to learn about the company and explore future opportunities.

As part of the project Bottom Line, which helps low-income students just starting college adapt to university life and complete their studies, our volunteers have kept in touch through postcards and accompanied students up to their graduation.

In addition, through United Way Webster & Dudley and the Worcester Community Action Council, two organizations that work to improve the living conditions of people living in different locations in Massachusetts, volunteers have helped clean, paint and maintain facilities, and to carry out reading and play activities with children.

Volunteering begins in an activity and ends as a way of living, of understanding the world.