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Injury Prevention Program Boston Children’s Hospital

We take prevention to all places in Massachusetts

The “Safe Play Starts Here” program that we joined in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital has as its goal educating the community so that all homes take measures to prevent injuries, especially injuries sustained by children.

Prevention experts will travel in a van throughout Massachusetts to hold workshops with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of prevention in avoiding unintentional injuries. Through lectures at schools (during school hours and during extracurricular activities), in community centers and at prevention fairs, the goal is for everyone, especially children and their parents, to learn how to incorporate safe behavior into their daily lives. 

Throughout 2018, the van traveled 8,990 miles, doing a great job training, spreading knowledge and raising awareness. The result was 165 activities organized in 42 communities and contacting 488,979 families, 32,854 of which were involved in our program.