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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Every crash is 100% preventable

Drunk Driving is the cause number one of death in the road ways of the US.  Every crash has a devastating impact not only on victims, but on their friends and family.

This program helps parents to use the power they have to keep their kids safe through ongoing, critical conversations with their children about alcohol and other drugs.

At MADD, they know that the hopes for a safer future are riding on tomorrow’s drivers. By getting today’s youth off to a good start, they are taking a giant step toward fulfilling their vision of a nation without drunk driving. At MADD, they are focused on tackling underage drinking, a problem that threatens the safety of our kids and endangers entire communities, now and down the road.

MADD is committed to serving victims of drug impaired driving and to help advocate for evidence based approaches to solving this problem.